Packing List for Winter Travel

Packing List for Winter Travel

Packing List for Winter Travel

Packing List for Winter Travel

Packing light in the winter is more complicated than in the summer. Cold-weather journeys necessitate heavier clothing, more layers, and more equipment. Your winter packing list should accommodate this while being brief enough to fit everything in your carry-on luggage. You don't have to check a bag just because you need a coat and a hat. However, it does imply that you will need to prepare what you will carry carefully. Whether you're going skiing or traveling somewhere colder for the holidays, here's how to pack light for winter travel, along with your packing list.

Clothing Layers

Sweaters made of lightweight merino wool, cashmere, or cotton will pack the best. The ideal winter travel clothing is those that can be layered. Pack two to three shirts to act as your first layer in addition to your sweaters. Any brand that produces high-quality merino wool clothing will also have high-quality base layers.

Jackets & Pants

You can bring a pair of slacks or leggings, a mid-length skirt, and thick, wool-lined tights for cold-weather excursions in cities. Jeans are also suitable for winter travel, albeit not ideal if snow is anticipated. The perfect outerwear for winter travel is down jackets. When not in use, they fold up compact, are warm for their size, and be more weather-resistant than more fashionable jackets.

Scarf & Hat & Gloves

A scarf is a must-have item for winter travel. While you don't want to forego warmth, you also don't want a scarf that takes up too much space in your bag. Warmth without bulk is provided with a lightweight jersey or merino wool scarf. Wear a beanie made of wool or a wool blend to keep your head warm and retain heat.


For cold-weather travel, choose a pair of waterproof or water-resistant boots, neutral in color, and will go with all of your clothes.