Listen From the Staff: A Day at Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Listen From the Staff: A Day at Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Listen From the Staff: A Day at Grand Sirkeci Hotel

The hotel you stay in should be centrally located, safe, and clean, as well as the consultants should be interested. In a place where you come for the first time, and you do not know the language, you would like the hotel staff to assist you in all matters. At Grand Sirkeci Hotel, we are trying our best to serve you 24/7, whether you have questions about hotel services or other issues. Would you like to hear from our staff about a day you can spend at the Grand Sirkeci Hotel?

What Can You Do After Booking?

After checking in to the hotel, you can take a shower in the tub specially prepared for you to relieve your road fatigue. You can relax in your ergonomically designed bed with goose feather pillows. After resting for a few hours, you can eat the Turkish delight we offer as a treat and drink your coffee. Our guests can also drink from the drinks offered in the minibar.

Ready to Explore the City?

You can have your lunch and dinner at Güllüoğlu, which operates within our hotel. If you wish, you can enjoy delicious Turkish meals at the elegant restaurants around Sirkeci. If you are staying in a room with a balcony, you can sit against the historical post office building and Istanbul skyline, read your newspaper or do your daily work.

How Can Business Travelers Spend 1 Day in Grand Sirkeci?

Everything that those who come to Istanbul for business trips need is available at the Grand Sirkeci Hotel. The fact that it is located in the center of the city and there is a lot of public transport allows you to go to the meetings comfortably. For those who start working early, the breakfast service starts at 07:00. All rooms have workspaces and wireless internet service. We also have a gym facility for those who want to exercise after breakfast. If you need evening meetings and dinners related to your business, you can easily book a place from the luxury restaurants in Sirkeci.