Best Places to Visit for Kids in Istanbul

Best Places to Visit for Kids in Istanbul

Best Places to Visit for Kids in Istanbul

Best Places to Visit for Kids in Istanbul

Finding things to do with kids is a problem for parents nowadays. Many families feel stuck in those situations. Probably we, as adults, are not as energetic as kids. However, you do not have to feel that way. Because as much as being a parent is hard, you can find many things to do with your kids. We grew up but somewhere along the way we were kids. We still have a child inside of us, and we can have fun also while our kids are having fun. With your kids' energy, you will feel energetic too.

Especially in Istanbul, you won't feel stuck with finding something to do with your kid as Istanbul is a city with many opportunities, and there are many places for fun for kids. Here we will present to you some of the places that you can take your kid.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Would you like the learn the history through toys? Istanbul Toy Museum is just the place for your kids. While your kids dig into examining the toys, you will witness some of the most important events in history with the language of toys. Furthermore, the interior design and displays were made by a professional stage designer. Also, you will see that each room represents a different theme.

Istanbul Aquarium (Florya)

For the kids that enjoy the ocean and sea, the Istanbul Aquarium offers a magnificent scene. While visiting the Istanbul Aquarium, which includes 17 different themes such as rainforests and the black sea, you can witness the underwater world with interactive games and movies. Furthermore, you can dive into the shark tank and join the helicopter tour. You can visit the aquarium every day of the week from 10 am to 8 pm.


With millions of lego bricks, amazing attractions, and rides, LEGOLAND offers the ultimate LEGO experience. The activities in the area are mainly designed for the ages of 3-10. If you want to enter LEGOLAND with your child, your child must be under the age of 14. After entering the area with your child, you can spend your time in 15 different playgrounds, such as the lego factory tour and 4D cinema.


Located in the Trump Mall, KidzMondo is designed for kids between 4-14 years old. KidzMondo is a place where children take on adult roles, choose a profession in a mini replica of a city, wear costumes, and experience professions. The thematic entertainment center, where the little ones can choose from more than 40 vocational units, was established to teach the cycle of daily life and how to achieve economic balance. By experiencing the professions, they also earn Kidz money for the work they did. Thus, they learn how to manage money like adults.