Interesting Local Desserts of Turkey

Interesting Local Desserts of Turkey

Interesting Local Desserts of Turkey

Turkey is also a rich country with its local flavors in addition to its natural beauties. Although each city has a different local flavor, we have listed the most different or famous desserts for you.


According to legend, the zülbiye, which a confectioner from Bergama brought back to his hometown after serving in the Ottoman Empire's military in Damascus in the 1800s, has evolved into a Ramadan custom that has been carried on with minor variations till today. The flavor, which is highly famous in the neighborhood and is only available during Ramadan at several dessert stores, is one of the must-haves for iftar. To meet the demand, the makers, who begin work after sahur for the dessert made from specially produced dough, work tirelessly until iftar time.

Kunafah (Künefe)

This dessert, which is famous in the town of Antakya, surprises foreign guests mostly, with cheese in it. This dessert, which is made with tel kadayif ( shredded phyllo dough), sherbet, and local cheeses, is usually served with cream or ice cream.

Bici Bici

Bici Bici is a dessert unique to Adana province, consisting of grated ice, cooked starch, powdered sugar, and sherbet. Although this dessert, which gets generally preferred in the summer heat, has been sold by peddlers for years, it now can be found in restaurants recently.

Ashoura (Aşure)

In Turkey and the Balkans, Muslims make ashura in Muharram, when the Day of Ashura takes place. It is also called Noah Pudding by Armenians and is made on Christmas Eve. This dessert made from legumes, dried fruits, and nuts is distributed to everyone because it represents love and peace. Ashura is a well-known dessert throughout the country.

Laz Böregi

When Laz Böreği is mentioned, börek comes to mind because the word 'börek' is a salty pastry. But this pastry, which is famous in the Black Sea region, is a dessert containing pudding. In Greece, it is made with the name galaktobureko, which means "milk pie", using semolina porridge instead of phyllo dough.

Bomb of Izmir

As the name suggests, this dessert, which is common in Izmir, is a kind of Nutella stuffed cookies. It is among the rumors that it was first made in Çelebi Patisserie. In addition to the chocolate filling, the patisserie also offers varieties with tahini and molasses, caramel, pistachio, cherry, and white chocolate.


And finally, Turkish dessert Baklava, registered by the EU commission in 2013, is the ancestor of syrupy desserts. Peanuts or walnuts get placed between the layered dough. It is usually sweetened with sugar syrup or honey. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Gaziantep, the city famous for its baklava, to try this flavor.