Famous Churches to Visit in Istanbul

Famous Churches to Visit in Istanbul

Famous Churches to Visit in Istanbul

Famous Churches to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul, a city that has hosted many religions and cultures for years, is one of the most admired cities in the whole world. There is a saying that ''If the world was a country, Istanbul would be its capital.'' You can easily come across many magnificent churches in Istanbul, where you can witness a breeze from all religions.

St Antoine Church

Located on the busiest street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street, St Antoine's Church is the largest roman catholic church in Istanbul. It attracts the people of Istanbul and the whole world with its most modern-looking and quite magnificent structure in Istanbul. It was built in 1912 with the Italian neo-gothic style.

St Pierre Church

Located on Galata Tower street in Karakoy, St Pierre's history dates back to 1842. St Pierre Church, where an Italian mass takes place every morning, was moved to its current location when its old churches, now called Arap Mosque, were seized. The church's back walls, with its Basilica design and the four-sided altar, were built inside a section of Galata's old Genoese defenses. St Pierre Church draws attention with its dim lights and spaciousness inside of the church.

Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church

Located in Istanbul's heart, Taksim, Hagia Triada is one of the most prepossessing churches of Istanbul. The church was built with a synthesis of Byzantine architecture and modern architecture. The church's name derived from a portrayal of the Holy Trinity's role in Christianity. The exterior and interior structure of the church is quite stylish, and it makes you feel the synthesis of the old and the new.

Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Located on the Golden Horn coast and almost a Viennese work in Istanbul, this church was built in 1871 with iron structures brought from Vienna. With its golden yellow embroidery and architectural appearance, It gains a lot of attention.

Greek Orthodox Church of Ayia Eufemia

Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church, located in Kadıköy Bazaar, is close to the pier. According to a rumor, the name of the church comes from Ayia Eufemia, who did not believe in pagan gods and chose Christianity and was tortured for 305 years.