Best Winter Sceneries to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Winter Sceneries to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Winter Sceneries to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Winter Sceneries to Photograph in Istanbul

It is difficult to travel in cold weather in winter. But behind this difficulty, there are moments when you can catch the perfect views. Istanbul is indispensable for the winter months, with both the Anatolian and European sides. It is one of the cities preferred by both amateur and professional photographers in winter.

Warm Streets in the Cold of Snow

The moments when the tram passes slowly on Istiklal Street is the place where dreams come true for a photographer. Snow falling on the pigeons in Eminönü is the most beautiful moment. The colorful streets of Istanbul offer dreams when adorned with white snow. That's why for those who love to take pictures, cobblestone streets are among the most common places on winter lists.

Majestic Palace Gardens

Photographing the splendor of Dolmabahçe Palace and the beauty of Çırağan Palace is a special treat in winter. Istanbul is one of the cities that hosts many palaces in the world. Taking photos historical buildings in their perfect landscapes is indispensable in winter. To immortalize the cold image of Topkapi Palace is perfect in the winter.

Gorgeous Beaches

Photographs of people fishing with tea on Kadıköy Beach or Emirgan are probably among the most beautiful sights. The Bosphorus Bridge or Üsküdar is the best place to immortalize the boats smashing through the snowflakes while they are moving.

Historic Towers

The structure of the Galata Tower that reflects the past is one of the most beautiful views you will catch. As you descend towards Karaköy, the Galata Tower, which will be viewed from the side streets, will also look imposing and fascinating in the photographs. The tower, which is illuminated especially in the evening hours, looks legendary in the snowfall. The Maiden's Tower swinging alone in the middle of the sea is a different version of Galata's love. The view of the melting snow falling from the tower into the sea will be one of the moments you want to have in your camera.