Most Famous Squares in Istanbul

Most Famous Squares in Istanbul

Most Famous Squares in Istanbul

Most Famous Squares in Istanbul

Taksim Square

The center of modern Istanbul is Taksim Square. Starting from the center of Taksim square, take a look at the monument of the Republic, crafted by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. It marks the fifth anniversary of the Republic of Turkey's founding in 1923, following the Turkish War of Independence, and includes revolutionary figures such as Atatürk and Ismet Inönü.

The location is a major public transportation hub, acting as the primary transfer point. The historic tram route also begins here. There are a lot of restaurants and shops in the area and the following Istiklal Street, a long, attractive pedestrian retail street nearby.

Ortaköy Square

Ortaköy Square is home to a plethora of upscale waterfront cafés, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. A lot of people come here to eat “kumpir” (stuffed baked potatoes).

Stop around Ortaköy Square to take in the ambiance and interact with the trendy young people that crowd the cafés. There's also a lovely baroque mosque situated on the water's edge, which is one of the best examples of the famed Balyan family's craftsmanship. This newly refurbished beauty is well worth a visit.

Sultanahmet Square

The Sultanahmet Square, also known as the Hippodrome and surrounded by the renowned Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, is one of Istanbul's most well-known tourist attractions and a popular meeting place.

The main attractions include strolling about Sultanahmet Square, taking in the serene and historic ambiance while passing by some of Istanbul's most famous buildings, museums, mosques, cathedrals, fountains, and historical sites, and resting at one of the many restaurants and cafés nearby.

Beyazıt Square

Beyazıt Square, also known as Freedom Square, is located in the Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul's European side. The more common name, "Beyazıt Area," is derived from the Bayezid II Mosque, which stands on one side of the square. The grand entrance to Istanbul University, whose campus is home to the Beyazıt Tower, which is also visible from the square, is another important local attraction. The location of the Forum of Theodosius, constructed by Constantine the Great 1700 years ago, has a long history.

The square is constantly bustling, owing to the abundance of locals feeding countless pigeons and the university students who give it a particular atmosphere, despite being less touristic and having just some low-end business going on. It's a great area to people watch, and it's close to some of Istanbul's most popular tourist attractions. If you like walking, you can walk from Divanyolu to Aksaray through Beyazit Square and Ordu Caddesi. The Old Book Bazaar, Sahaflar Çarşısı (the Old Book Bazaar), and the Grand Bazaar are also nearby.