Best Tattoo Artists in Istanbul

Best Tattoo Artists in Istanbul

Best Tattoo Artists in Istanbul

Best Tattoo Artists in Istanbul

When you visit Istanbul, you will realize that tattoos are inked on many youngsters. Yet, it is a lifetime thing. Of course, there are lasers, thanks to technology now, but it is quite expensive. It is best to consider which person will ink your tattoo on your body. If you are currently in Turkey and searching for the best tattoo artist, we'll present them to you in this article.

Fahrettin Demir

He is one of the best and awarded tattoo artists in Turkey. Demir is the founder of Pin Tattoo Gallery, which is located in Kadikoy. He has an outstanding, yet realistic style of art, which helps him to stay at the top. Most of his customers are well satisfied.

Savcı Demirkol

Although he is one of the most talented, Demirkol is still a humble artist. He is the owner of Collywobbles Tatto, which is located in Beyoglu, the center of the city. His minimalistic designs are stunning, but he does more than that, of course. Japanese, old school, geometric, watercolor styles are what he specialized in.

Biçem Şınık

Şınık is considered a leading female tattoo artist in Turkey. With her unique line works and minimalistic designs, detailing is just one of her treats. If you are thinking of getting a minimalistic tattoo or linework with a detailed feminine touch, you can contact Biçem Şınık, but you may wait for a long time before you can reserve.

Yeliz Özcan

Ozcan might be the most known female tattoo artist in Turkey. She successfully applies "watercolor tattooing", which is a very popular technique in Europe, to her customers. You'll know you're in the right place as soon as you see her colorful, large, or minimalist tattoos. With her special treats, it is extremely difficult to find another one like Yeliz Ozcan in Turkey.

Tolga Cemal Sumer

Tolga Cemal Sumer and his team is serving at his studio, Comics Tattoo Art. Sumer is one of the few Turks to receive awards for portraits and realistic tattoos. He is also a cartoonist and advertiser. Therefore, it is no wonder that his tattoos are very successful. Furthermore, he treats everyone with interest, even after tattooing.