Best Places to Visit in Sariyer

Best Places to Visit in Sariyer

Best Places to Visit in Sariyer

Best Places to Visit in Sariyer

Sariyer is one of the most distinguished districts of Istanbul. Located on the coastal part of the European side, this beautiful district dazzles with its natural and historical beauties. Fascinating its visitors with both its peaceful texture and dynamic structure, Sariyer is among the must-see places in Istanbul. We have listed the places to visit in Sariyer for those who want to spend a pleasant quality time in the city.

Gift for Nature Lovers: Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest is a natural wonder located in the center of Istanbul. You will feel integrated with nature in the lush forest here. Belgrad Forest was an important source that met the water needs of the Ottoman and Byzantine in history. Today, this beautiful forest, which contains recreation areas and walking routes, is a great option to spend time alone with nature.

Journey to History on the Coast: Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Fortress, one of the landmarks of Sariyer, fascinates people with its majestic view along the coast. Rumeli Fortress was built in 1452 with the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet to control the dangers from the Bosphorus. This historical structure played a critical role in the conquest of Istanbul. You can visit this historic building, located in one of the most beautiful spots in Sariyer, by buying a ticket at the entrance. The breathtaking view of the Bosphorus greets the visitors at Rumeli Fortress.

For a Day Full of Art: Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Sakıp Sabancı Museum adds a unique color to Sariyer with its magnificent architecture and the works of art it hosts. If you want to stop by a spot full of art on your tour in Sariyer, Sakıp Sabancı Museum is the right address. The museum building that was built in 1925 was used as a residence by the famous businessman Hacı Ömer Sabancı for many years. You can see the most precious examples of Ottoman Calligraphy and current exhibitions in this unique building that serves as a museum today.

A Colorful Experience: Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park is one of the unique parks of Istanbul. This centrally located park will provide you with a short escape from the chaos. The park fascinates with its beauty throughout all four seasons. The mansions in the park will offer unique views for your photos.

An Idyllic Breeze: Garipçe

Garipçe Village, located in the relatively further part of Sariyer, is ideal for weekend getaways. You can start the day with a wonderful breakfast in the village. Garipçe Village is the perfect address to get away from the stress of the city. If you want to experience natural life, Garipçe is waiting for you.