Best Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

Best Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

Best Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

Best Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

Despite Istanbul's size and bustle, you might be surprised to hear that it is plenty of large, open, and green areas to explore. Some of these parks are also rich in history, with monuments reaching back thousands of years, including the Byzantine period and the Ottoman Empire. Now, let’s take a look at the most beautiful and popular parks and gardens in Istanbul.

Emirgan Park

The Emirgan Park (also known as the Emirgan Grove or Woods) is located in the charming Emirgan district along the Bosphorus. It is without a doubt one of Istanbul's largest parks, with a total area of 117 acres divided into numerous pavilions. The park, which goes back to Byzantine times, is known for its abundance of beautifully colored tulips. Picnic tables, fountains, statues, and even a playground are scattered around the park, allowing children to let off steam in complete safety. There are also cafés and small restaurants where you may replenish your energy with a tasty beverage and food.

Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park, located in Fatih district's Sirkeci and Sultanahmet neighborhoods, is one of Istanbul's most attractive parks for both tourists and locals. The park is rather large. There are several lovely gardens, trees, pools, and outdoor cafés with spectacular views of the Bosphorus. You may relax at one of the park's outdoor cafes and take in the tranquil atmosphere while seeing the gorgeous gardens, pools, and adjacent Bosphorus view.

Maçka Park

Maçka Park is a large park in Istanbul, Turkey. It originated as the extended grounds of Dolmabahçe Palace in the mid-nineteenth century, when Ottoman aristocrats rode horses, floated along the now-dried streams, and partake in the Western European hobbies of picnics and dog-walking. There is also a Gondola open to the public. It's a cable car line that connects the Maçka and Taşkışla campuses of Istanbul Technical University. The cable car and the park both offer spectacular views of the city. The park features cafés, two playgrounds, three sports spaces, a strolling area, and two decorative pools, which are very popular on weekends.

Belgrad Forest

The Belgrade Forest is a great place to visit for both Istanbul locals and tourists. This tranquil spot in the woods is also very accessible. Belgrad Forest attracts nature lovers seeking a sense of wilderness without having to travel far. The forest, which is home to a variety of tree species such as chestnut, beech, hornbeam, and oak, is an ideal picnic spot. You can choose from a variety of lengths of footpaths and go for a hike while listening to the birds sing. You can camp near the lake and wake up to stunning views. The lake views are not available from the restaurants and cafés located throughout the forest; however, you can bring your basket and break your fast by the scenic lake. You can also enjoy a BBQ with friends in the designated picnic area.

Büyükada Nature Park

Büyükada Nature Park, which is home to a natural forest structure and a stunning meeting of green and blue, is one of the region's most popular destinations, alongside Dilburnu Nature Park. Aya Nikola Monastery, Islands Museum, Aya Yorgi Church, Greek Orphanage, and Abdulhamid's II. Hamidiye Mosque is all worth seeing. Picnicking, lodging, and swimming are all available in the area. Apart from picnics, activities such as trekking, and photography are available. You can enjoy swimming on the beach where you can have a small summer vacation.