Best Outdoor Sports You Can Do in Turkey

Best Outdoor Sports You Can Do in Turkey

Best Outdoor Sports You Can Do in Turkey

Best Outdoor Sports You Can Do in Turkey

Sports are considered one of the healthiest activities one can do in this world. Whether if you are a child or an adult, most of us have had fun in our lives while doing a sport. While some of us don't like any kind of sport, one can even enjoy just watching it. However, doing sports might have very positive effects on your body as well as your mental health. You won't regret doing any kind of sport as long as it is not an extreme sport. In this article, we wanted to talk about the outdoor sports you can do in Turkey.


Football is the most spoken thing along with politics in Turkey. One can not deny that pretty much everyone knows something about Football in Turkey. If you have a car, just travel around the city and I guarantee that you will see plenty of football pitches that you can rent. Walk on the streets, you will see the kids enjoying football on the streets while forgetting about the whole world. Football is a passion in Turkey, and no one can change that.


Turkey has one of the most beautiful landscapes, shores, beaches, islands, and forests. Running along in those areas is one of the most joyful things that you can do in Turkey. You run these prepossessing areas while your brain experiences dopamine release. It is highly suitable to run in Turkey. Also, there are running events that take place monthly in Istanbul.

Bungee Jumping

Now it is time for talking about extreme sports, as we just finished the sports that everyone knows something about. When we say extreme sports in Turkey, bungee jumping came to one's mind. Facing your fears and releasing adrenaline throughout your body may be the most fun thing you may do. You can find places suitable for bungee jumping in many holiday destinations in Turkey.

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Cave Diving

Cave diving is the most extreme of diving sports. Mysteries have always been attractive to humankind. Even if it is fearful, we can not help our feeling of curiosity. Along with the curiosity, there come the worries. It is one of the most dangerous sports that you can do. Before considering cave diving, it is recommended that you do night diving and develop in direction-finding.


Mountaineering must be the most popular extreme sport in Turkey. This sport, which has its association, brings together adventurers who share a passion of the mystery, majesty, and nature of the mountains.