Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Istanbul

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Istanbul

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Istanbul

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Istanbul

Istanbul has many places that you can discover while you are visiting, and that you will be happy as you visit. Although there are many lovers of cold and rainy weather, it is a fact that there is not a suitable time period for traveling. But Istanbul has many activities that you can do even in rainy weather. You can visit museums, stop by second-hand booksellers.

Inhale the Smell of History

The majestic Istanbul, the intersection of civilizations, offers an excellent experience for those who love history. Undoubtedly, the best activity to do on a rainy day is to visit the ruins that date back to Rome. It will be an excellent activity to visit Basilica Cistern, which has always preserved its importance in our history.

Hagia Irene, the largest Byzantine church built in the 4th century, is one of the museums that can be visited near Grand Sirkeci in Fatih.

You can examine historical artifacts dating back tens of thousands of years at the Archeology Museum, which is one of the world's most respected museums.

Bazaars That Turn a Rainy Day into a Rainbow

If you want to walk and not get wet on a rainy day, of course, the most suitable places are the bazaars. First of all, if you are around Beyazıt Square, you should definitely walk in the covered market and examine the colorful stalls.

Another structure that will delight your rainy day carrying the dust of history is the Spice Bazaar. The first purpose of the Spice Bazaar, whose construction was started in 1597, is to think that it will bring income to the New Mosque, which was built at that time. Today, the bazaar, where many tradesmen and local goods are located, is the focus of local people and tourists.

If the smell of rain leads you to books, then the perfect thing for you is the Sahaflar Çarşısı. You can examine old books and find plaques according to your taste.