Best Forests to Visit in Istanbul

Best Forests to Visit in Istanbul

Best Forests to Visit in Istanbul

Best Forests to Visit in Istanbul

We all need a getaway from Istanbul's crowd, stress, and busy life sometimes. A break is needed when you feel the most intense anxiety, or you may simply want to take a break and get fresh air and go for a run. The forests of Istanbul may help you to find some peace of mind. We will talk about the forests that you can visit in Istanbul in this article:

Belgrad Forest

What a lovely nature in Istanbul! You wouldn't even imagine that a place like this could exist in Istanbul, a metropolis. The sound of the birds makes the mixed deciduous forest even more beautiful. The name of the forest derives from the Serbs that were deported from the city of Belgrad in 1521. You can witness several historical reservoirs within the woodland, most of which were constructed in the 18th century.

Alemdag Forest

Located in the Cekmekoy district of Istanbul, Alemdag Forest is just for the weekend getaways! Everyone that stays in Istanbul or visiting Istanbul should see the beautiful scenery that the trees make. Çekmeköy Alemdağ is the second highest hill of Istanbul with a height of 442 meters, rising like a castle behind the Aydos, Kayışdağı, and Çamlıca hills that surround the coastline of the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Aydos Forest

If you plan to empty your mind and sit for hours and watch the environment without thinking about anything, Aydos Forest is a good alternative for you. This forest, which is almost like a mini therapy, will attract you with its colorful structure. You can also camp in the forest.

Ayhan Şahenk Love Forest

Ayhan Şahenk Love Forest, which has a different beauty every season, is literally a picnic area. This man-made forest is located on an area of ​​15 hectares, a place where you can spend your time beautifully.

Lovers' Forest

This forest, which is a favorite of lovers, is located next to Belgrade. Lovers' Forest, which used to be a part of Belgrade, was separated from Belgrade later then. It has a beautiful lake that you can sit and watch in peace.