Best Kid-Friendly Places in Istanbul

Best Kid-Friendly Places in Istanbul

Best Kid-Friendly Places in Istanbul

Best Kid-Friendly Places in Istanbul

Among the things that families with children have trouble with when they go out are places to eat. In recent years, especially the places that do not accept children have increased considerably. Due to the existence of such a problem, places that offer alternative solutions have emerged. We have compiled places for both adults and children for you.


Open every day except Tuesday, Bee is a great place for kids and adults. This cafe in Sarıyer also offers healthy and delicious snacks for children. The name and motto of this cafe, which is famous for its brunches, is also the same, emphasizing the needs of children.

Giardino Cappuccino Cafe&Bistro

This place located in Çekmeköy serves both excellent foods and keeps the kids entertained. With the ponies belonging to the cafe around the venue, children's love of animals develops and they have a pleasant time riding them. It has a very rich menu with various desserts and dishes.

Fotini Istanbul

This cafe, which has been restored from an old mansion, impresses with its design and various dishes. It offers a visual feast for families with children and babies. It is a cafe with old wooden toys for children. There are also very interesting ideas among its special concepts. For example, you can enjoy a mixed breakfast while the babysitter plays with your children, or you can have fun at the raki table on the first Saturday of every month while the babysitter takes care of the children. You will spend very nice moments in this place in Arnavutköy.

Sahan Vega

Sahan supports healthy food and healthy generations as a concept. Located in an easily accessible place in Ataşehir, this cafe draws attention with its different workshops. This place, which prepares dishes with high nutritional value, has cooking kitchens to encourage children to eat healthily. Moreover, there is a movie theater and playground to add entertainment.


It is the address of the most delicious Italian food. It is one of the places where children are happy freely with the children's kitchen workshops organized at certain times. This place located in Zorlu Center is preferred by children as well as by families.