Best Examples of Architecture in Turkey

Best Examples of Architecture in Turkey

Best Examples of Architecture in Turkey

Best Examples of Architecture in Turkey

Turkey is a place of great interest to the world with its architectural works. In this fascinating country, you can see thousands of years old buildings and come across unique works of the modern world. The modern structures built with the aesthetic understanding brought by the new age form the contemporary face of the country. We wanted to take a look at the structures that adorn the country in harmony with historical monuments. Let's witness the modern journey of Turkish architecture together.

Grand Post Office

The Grand Post Office has become one of the symbolic structures of Istanbul. This magnificent building is located in the Sirkeci district, where it meets Grand Sirkeci Hotel. It is the largest post office building in Turkey. The construction of the building started in 1905 and took four years to complete. The architect of the building is the successful architect Vedat Tek. Grand Post Office has four floors and was established on an area of ​​3200 square meters. The entrance section is elevated with steps. The two corners of the front façade were brought forward and raised, and domes were covered over them. In the decorations, 16th century Ottoman architecture is dominant. There is a large hall at the main entrance of the building. The ceiling rises to the roof and is covered with glass.

First Grand National Assembly Building

The First Grand National Assembly building, which witnessed the first years of the Republic, is located in the capital Ankara. The construction of the First Turkish Grand National Assembly building in Ulus Square started in 1915. Salim Bey, the building's architect, planned the structure as a clubhouse for the Committee of Union and Progress, and the construction was overseen by Hasip Bey, the military architect. The most distinctive feature of the two-story building in Turkish architectural style is Ankara stone and andesite on its walls.

Kastamonu Government House

The architect Vedat Tek designed the building in 1902, and it has a nostalgic vibe. The structure, which has a ground floor and two upper floors, is an eclectic mix of Western classicism and Ottoman orientalism. The building, which is a masonry structure in the style of Arabic architecture, has not been entirely restored till now. On the ground level, there is also a City History Museum. 

Ankara Railway Station

The construction of the main station building began in 1935 and was completed in 1937. It is one of the structures that date back to the Republic's early years. The building's architect is Şekip Akalın, who designed it in the Art Deco style.