Beaches You Must Visit in Istanbul

Beaches You Must Visit in Istanbul

Beaches You Must Visit in Istanbul

Beaches You Must Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul has numerous gorgeous coastlines, all of which are within 20 to 60 kilometers of the city center. Beachgoers may relax in the sun, swim in the water, and sip cocktails at the prominent Istanbul beach clubs and bars.

Kilyos Beach

Despite being 41 kilometers north of Istanbul, the small town of Kilyos, which backs up to a sandy beach that laps the Black Sea, is nevertheless officially a part of the wider Istanbul metropolitan region.

Kilyos is one of the greatest spots to come for a day excursion focusing on sun and sea for Istanbul residents during the summer months. If you visit Kilyos in July or August, try to go on a weekday rather than a weekend, otherwise expect the sand to be filled with other beachgoers.

Burgaz Island Beach

Burgaz Island is located in the Marmara Sea's Princes Islands group, between Kinali and Heybeli islands. On the Princes Islands boat route, Burgaz is the second island visited.

Small beaches may be found all around the island's coastline.

Because of their laid-back attitudes, many Princes Islands beachgoers consider Burgaz's beaches to be the finest of all the island group's sun-and-sea options.

Kilimli Cove, Ağva

Ava is a small Black Sea town located northeast of Istanbul.

Thanks to the tourism attractions of Kilimli Cove, with its spectacular coastline landscape, it's a favorite destination for nature lovers and hikers, as well as beachgoers.

Ava is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway from the city, and there are lots of tiny boutique hotels and guesthouses if you want to stay longer.

Caddebostan Beach

Caddebostan Beach, on Istanbul's Asian side, rims the shore of the Marmara Sea and is the nearest length of sand to the city's center.

The lengthy shorefront swath of Dalyan Park, with its cycling and walking routes through the gardens and wonderful kids' playground sections, connects and surrounds the beach areas.