Ancient City of Termessos

Ancient City of Termessos

Ancient City of Termessos

Termessos Ancient City, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Turkey, was built by the ancestors of the Luwians Solymar, one of Anatolia's earliest peoples. Termessos, founded in the valley between the peaks of Solymos Mountain in the Pisidia Region known as Milyas, arose due to the city's siege and the Termessians' inability to provide the city with a robust defense.

The ancient city is located in the Termessos National Park and is one of Turkey's best-preserved ruins. Güllük Mountain remains may be reached by a private road that climbs to the left from the 24th kilometer of the Antalya – Korkuteli motorway. It is included in the National Park named after the city due to its natural and historical assets.

History of the City

Termessos' people were known as the Solyms, an old Pamphylian tribe, in ancient inscriptions. Their language was distinct, as it was a form of Psidia dialect. Termessos was only fully remembered when Alexander the Great encircled it in 334 BC, opposing the invasion. Alexander is said to have left these valiant people alone in their fortifications before continuing his expedition into central Anatolia.

The Reasons to Visit

Termessos, like many other ancient towns erected in such fortified locations, surpassed the bounds of its initial defensive position, and a lower city was created with new walls, temples, bathhouses, and even new graves. 

When you get to Termessos, you will be in the heart of the lower city. You might be able to glimpse the ancient city high above if you look up the steep hill between the cliff-faced mountains on the right and left. One of Termessos' several necropolises, to the left of the parking area, is studded with large sarcophagi and little graves.