2022 Wedding Trends in Istanbul

2022 Wedding Trends in Istanbul

2022 Wedding Trends in Istanbul

2022 Wedding Trends in Istanbul

As every year, the heart of the annual trend of weddings beats in Istanbul in 2022. According to the information presented by world-famous fashion designers, hairstylists, and architects, the wedding fashion of 2022 has been determined. You can find the selections and combinations that will come to the fore this year in our article. We have compiled the most curious wedding trends under three headings for you.

Wedding Venue Design

The important thing in the wedding venue, which is arranged days before the wedding day, is fashion. Colors, seating arrangements, decorations suitable for fashion are all included in this fashion. In contrast to the colors of 2021, pastel tones await us in 2022. According to Pantone, Atlantis blue and orchid pink will mark this year. It looks like we will see a lot of comfortable but stylish seating arrangements where everyone will feel at home instead of the glamorous layout.

Wedding Dresses

It seems that the fluffy fringes and those who raise the wedding dress even higher will leave their place to a little more traditionalism. The models that will mark the year 2022 are as follows:

polo neck and slit wedding dresses,

tiered ruffled wedding gowns,

bateau neck and sleeve combination wedding dresses,

giant ribbon wedding dresses,

wedding gowns with cutting in the waistline

Each one will add simple yet seductive beauty to magnificent brides.


Undoubtedly, one of the most talked-about and paid attention to weddings is hair. Neck and low bun models will be the savior hairstyle of 2022 brides, both as tight gatherings and more relaxed bohemian buns. Those with naturally wavy hair should not worry. As we have said before, 2022 will be the year of the naturalists. Wavy hair can be gathered or fixed at the back, making you one of the most stylish women. Popular in wedding dresses, ribbons are also popular in hairstyles. The ribbons that you can combine with the fabric suitable for your wedding dress will amaze those who see it. Those who prefer bangs, on the other hand, seem to take everyone's breath away at their wedding. Bangs that compliment light-colored hair are the most striking of the 2022 wedding trends.