Top 5 Things to Buy in Istanbul

Top 5 Things to Buy in Istanbul

Top 5 Things to Buy in Istanbul

Top 5 Things to Buy in Istanbul

While walking on the streets of Istanbul, one's imagination expands. So much so that when you leave Istanbul, you may want to experience that dream world with your loved ones. Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, is the most populous city in Turkey. We have compiled the best gifts that reflect Istanbul on your way from this city, which is also very popular with tourists.


The place of food in Turkish culture is indisputably very dominant. Baklava is indispensable, especially in the culture that has different tastes in the dessert. Those who come to Istanbul usually take this taste with them. Güllüoğlu, located in many parts of Istanbul, is also one of the most preferred baklava shops.

Turkish Handicrafts

Local handicrafts are famous in Istanbul, which is the homeland of people of many nationalities. Scarves, bead trivets, copper coffee pots are the best gifts. You should especially take a look at the magnificent handcrafted jewelry that you can easily find in the historical Grand Bazaar.

Mini Sculptures

Galata and Maiden's Tower, which reflect the story of Istanbul's lovers who could not reach together, are also sold as miniatures by talented craftsmen. One of the best ways to tell the story of love is to buy tiny statues of these towers on the way from Istanbul.

Turkish Delight

There is no doubt that Turkish delights are known by everyone local and foreign. Turkish delight is the best food next to coffee, tea, or chit-chatting. Especially Turkish delights with roses, dating back to Ottoman times, are a favorite of Istanbul.

Smart Dress

And finally, the most preferred gifts are in favor of clothes. Both local clothing and elegant dresses are highly preferred by travelers in Istanbul. Especially in the passages, both quality and perfectly designed clothes are dazzling.

There is a different story all around Istanbul. Besides the handicrafts reflecting these stories, you can also buy magnets as a memento of your trip.