Tips to Escape Tourist Crowd in Istanbul

Tips to Escape Tourist Crowd in Istanbul

Tips to Escape Tourist Crowd in Istanbul

Tips to Escape Tourist Crowd in Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful city, so many tourists visit this unique city. The bustling texture of the city is one of the factors that make this place unique. However, sometimes the crowd of the city can be overwhelming, and we can look for more peaceful places. If you want to spend quiet and peaceful times in Istanbul, we will give you some tips.

A Peaceful Breakfast in Garipçe Village

Garipçe Village is one of the greatest locations to go to if you want to be alone with nature, relax, and enjoy the calm. Located 10 kilometers from Istanbul Sarıyer, the village is between Rumeli Kavağı and Rumeli Feneri. There are many restaurants and cafes in the village. For a peaceful Istanbul morning, you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast in Garipçe.

Take a Walk in the Forests of Polonezköy

Polenezköy, located 25 kilometers from the city, is one of the places where you can relax in the beautiful forest. You can have breakfast in the village with local village products before going for a walk in the forest, or you can enjoy horseback riding.

Picnic in İnceğiz

You can have a picnic among the lush forests of İnceğiz, the historical village of Çatalca, and discover its historical remains. The caves in İnceğiz were used as apartments and monasteries 5000 years ago.

Swim in Ağva

Ava has a natural sandy beach with a length of 2.5 kilometers and a width of 50 meters. Ağva, the charming town of Şile, is especially preferred by couples.

Fish Feast at Anadolu Feneri

Anadolu Feneri, the picturesque Bosphorus village, is especially lovely in the spring. You must eat at the seafood restaurants, which are a must-visit in each Bosphorus village, and watch the breathtaking views of the Black Sea from Yoros Castle.

Trekking in Öğümce

Öğümce, the charming village in Beykoz, dates back 600 years. You can do trekking and spend a healthy day in Öğümce.