Thermal Springs in Turkey

Thermal Springs in Turkey

Thermal Springs in Turkey

Thermal Springs are the waters with high mineral density and temperature, located between the hot and flowing magma layer underground and the cooling earth layer. There are many thermal springs in the geothermal belt line of Turkey. These hot springs are of great importance in terms of health tourism. Many people visit these hot springs to find healing. Thermal springs are used in the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, fungus, hernia, calcification, and rheumatism. Thermal springs, which are generally more suitable to be visited in autumn and winter, are also a good alternative for a holiday on cold days. We have listed the hot springs in Turkey in this article.

Pamukkale Travertines – Denizli

Pamukkale Travertines, which are 18 km away from Denizli, have a white appearance thanks to the lime solution it contains. This natural beauty, which fascinates people with its view, also has a therapeutic characteristic.

Karahayıt Thermal Springs - Denizli

Karahayıt Thermal Springs, a branch of Pamukkale thermal springs, is believed to cure various diseases with its high-temperature water flowing from three sources. Karahayit contains bicarbonate, calcium, sulfate, and carbon dioxide components. The healing spring, which is said to accelerate the healing process of patients undergoing surgery, is recommended for people suffering from rheumatic diseases, hernia, fatigue, digestive system diseases, osteoporosis, gynecological diseases, and skin diseases.

Ayas Thermal Springs – Ankara

Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans used this old thermal spring. Ayaş Thermal Springs are known as healing for rheumatism, liver, stomach, intestine, gall bladder, and kidney diseases.

Oylat Thermal Springs – Bursa

Oylat Thermal Spring, which has a long history, is in Bursa. Located in perfect nature, Oylat Thermal Spring offers a calm and healing holiday opportunity not only with its healing water but also with its clean air and hiking trail in the forest.

Kükürtlü Thermal Springs - Bursa

Kükürtlü Thermal Springs is in Bursa. These hot springs, which have a 600-year history, consist of two separate parts for men and women. Baths were built in the Ottoman period. The temperature of the water flowing from the seven springs varies between 54 and 84 degrees. Rheumatic diseases, vascular diseases, and inflammatory diseases are treated here.

Bademli Thermal Springs – Izmir

Bademli Hot Springs is located in the Dikili district of Izmir. While the seawater is 42 degrees, the temperature of this water is 65 degrees. This hot spring heals many ailments such as rheumatism, kidney stones, and skin diseases.

Kurşunlu Thermal Springs – Manisa

Located in the Salihli district of Manisa, Kurşunlu Hot Springs is located in a wonderful valley. It gives great peace of mind with its nature. The temperature of the water of this magnificent thermal spring varies between 52-96 degrees.

Ayazma Thermal Springs – Kocaeli

Ayazma Hot Spring was used as a health center in the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. Many people visit this hot spring, which is close to Istanbul.

Yalova Thermal Springs – Yalova

Yalova has the best known and most visited hot spring facilities in Turkey. Due to its proximity to Istanbul and Ankara, it is frequently preferred for daily visits from these regions. The first baths of the thermal waters, which date back 4000 years, were built by the Byzantine Empire.

Nevşehir Thermal Springs – Nevşehir

Besides its fairy chimneys and historical beauties, Cappadocia attracts tourists with its healing springs. Nevşehir's hot springs, which are preferred for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, postoperative regeneration, intestinal and gall bladder problems, kidney and urinary tract, and many other diseases, have water ranging from 27 to 93 degrees containing sodium, calcium, and chlorine.