Sustainable Turkish Brands

Sustainable Turkish Brands

Sustainable Turkish Brands

Sustainable Turkish Brands

While environmental problems such as the sustainability problem about natural resources and the decrease in water resources day by day have reached quite large dimensions. We should realize our responsibilities and minimize our impact by using environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly brands.


SuCo is the brand that produces Turkey's first foldable eco-friendly water bottle, created by Zeynep Uslu and Alihan Aker. So why is SuCo environmentally friendly? First of all, the main purpose of SuCo is to improve water drinking habits and reduce plastic waste. SuCo is very light, foldable, BPA-free, and reusable. They also donate the proceeds of their Aquatic SuCo collection into the Smart Village project to provide access to clean water in Tanzania.


Here is Esther Levi's environmentally friendly brand: Epidotte! Epidotte is a recyclable brand that designs various fashion accessories, stationery, and household items. All products of this brand get made of long-lasting cellulose-based paper that is resistant to tearing or water. Since they get made of paper, they are very light, and their unique texture adds softness to them. As the products get used, their appearance changes to a slightly wrinkled texture, giving them a unique look. The products produced as handmade in special workshops have a wide range from bags to wallets, from notebooks to flower pots, from magazines to bread baskets.


Created by Orkan Orgun based on the lack of quality, accessible, and environmentally sensitive brands, Iamnotbasic is a brand that produces simple yet stylish t-shirts, which are indispensable for wardrobes and environment friendly. They make conscious and sustainable production by using nature-friendly fabrics such as linen, modal, and lyocell instead of high-priced, environmentally harmful, and short-lived products. The production of Iamnotbasic products is done up to the sales capacity to prevent fabric wastage, and excess fabrics are used instead of thrown away. Also, they mediate the recycling of unused clothes with the social responsibility project BirazYerAc, which they have started.

A Hidden Bee

Founded in 2017, A Hidden Bee positions itself as a conscious clothing brand. Contemporary pieces inspired by the unique atmosphere of Galata are usually prepared with locally produced fabrics to provide a lower carbon footprint. Adopting a timeless design approach, A Hidden Bee aims to create clothes that can be enjoyed for many years. All of their garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners in Istanbul. They mostly use locally produced fabrics to ensure a lower carbon footprint when compared to fast fashion companies. As a denim specialist, founder, and creative director, Aylin Erel forms all denim collections produced sustainably.

Restore Jeans

Restore Jeans is a timeless clothing idea against the easy and fast-consuming fashion in its own words. Ferman Urhan and Melike Vergili are the creators of this environmentally friendly brand, whose designs are custom-made. The founders of Restore Jeans saw the fast fashion industry as one of the biggest culprits of environmental pollution and wanted to create a brand with the idea that used denim can be redesigned and reused in timeless forms as a result of three years of work. The supply of second-hand jeans is provided by associations and organizations that use their income for sensitive initiatives such as protecting stray animals. They pay special attention to the fact that the materials used in the remanufacturing process are produced with the highest quality and sustainable methods.