Spend a Day with Nature at Geyikli

Spend a Day with Nature at Geyikli

Spend a Day with Nature at Geyikli

Geyikli Park is located in the Ayazağa (Sarıyer) neighborhood of Istanbul. Those who want to spend time alone with nature can do various activities here. You can have breakfast, hike, trek, off-road, attend archery training, and see various traces of wildlife. Let’s quickly get to know Geyikli Park, which also has an open-air cinema in spring and summer?

Where is Geyikli Park and How to Go There?

Geyikli Park is located in Sarıyer, one of the greenest districts of Istanbul. Located in the Ayazağa district, the park is spread over a large green area. You can easily reach Geyikli Park by public transportation and private vehicles. The Park is generally swarmed by people on weekends. You can make a reservation or go early in case it gets crowded on weekends. Nature lovers can also choose to go on weekdays, as it will be quieter on weekdays.

Is there an Entrance Fee?

There is no fee to enter the park, but you have to pay a fee to attend the events and use the restaurant service. To benefit from the restaurant and event services, you can make a reservation by calling in advance.

The Restaurant Offers Breakfast and Dining Services

At Geyikli Park's restaurant, you can have an open buffet breakfast alone with nature and your family. If you wish, you can enjoy the calmness by sipping your coffee afterward. A dinner menu is also available for those arriving later. You can easily find chicken, meat, and vegetable dishes according to your taste.

Give Your Children a Good Activity with Children's Playgrounds

Geyikli Park hosts children's playgrounds as well as natural areas. In the children's playground made of wooden materials, your children can play as they wish and enjoy the park.

You Can Participate in Various Educational and Sports Activities

You can walk on the hiking trails in Geyikli Park and participate in sports activities in the off-road area. You can get yourself a hobby by participating in professional archery training. You can also participate in open-air cinema activities alone with nature in spring and summer.

You Can Spend Time with Animals

You can care for dogs in Geyikli Park and visit the horses on the horse farm. Also, as the name suggests, Geyikli Park is home to deer. In the park where you can see male and female deer, you can feed them. As part of security measures, the area where deers are located is protected with fences. In addition, Geyikli Park offers an ideal environment to nurture your children’s love for animals.