Most Luxurious Districts in Istanbul

Most Luxurious Districts in Istanbul

Most Luxurious Districts in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with very modern and luxurious neighborhoods while hosting historical neighborhoods on the one side. These districts, which are very close to the Bosphorus coast, city center, and business centers, offer countless opportunities for both life and other activities. Let's explore the most luxurious districts of Istanbul together.


Located on the historical peninsula, the district is both a luxury and a historical district with its old buildings, hundreds of shops and shopping centers, and seafront buildings. In Fatih, the oldest settlement in Istanbul, you can meet people of all languages and cultures and reach all the things you need in city life. Eminonu, Sirkeci, and Sultanahmet are just a few of the districts you can visit in the Fatih district.


Planned urbanization is one of the beautiful districts where the historical structure is preserved with its large parks and groves. Business centers, shopping malls, luxury restaurants, and hotels are quite many. Places you can go to in Besiktas include Etiler, Dikilitaş, Ortaköy, Bebek, and Ulus neighborhoods.


Kadikoy is the most vibrant and dynamic district on the Anatolian side. Moda, Yogurtçu Park, Suadiye, and Fenerbahçe districts are the most luxurious and beautiful districts of Kadikoy. With luxury restaurants, large parking spaces, and thousands of boutique shops, you can find everything you are looking for in Kadikoy.


One of the oldest settlements on the Anatolian side is the Uskudar district in Istanbul. In Uskudar, known for its world-famous Maiden's Tower, Kuzguncuk and Çengelköy districts, you can find markets, shopping malls, thousands of shops, restaurants, and luxury mansions adjacent to the coast.


Sarıyer, located in the far north of the European side, is a very green district. It is a very lively district with its districts resembling summer areas such as Rumeli Citadel, Kilyos, and Zekeriyaköy, and its area full of mansions such as Yeniköy. It is a very ideal district for restaurants, hotels, beaches, and forest walks. If you want to prefer a quieter life, consider living in Sarıyer.