Luxury Brands to Shop in Bodrum

Luxury Brands to Shop in Bodrum

Luxury Brands to Shop in Bodrum

Luxury Brands to Shop in Bodrum

When going out in Bodrum, you'll want to look your best. Shopping in Turkey is second to none, whether you're looking for haute couture designer labels, exclusive Turkish designers, or to look good on the beach. In this article, we have listed the luxury shops to shop in Bodrum.

Brandroom Resort

With premium international labels like Diane von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, and Salvatore Ferragamo as distributors, this concept shop gives you the finest of their summer collections.

Beymen Resort Store

Beymen is a great seller of worldwide luxury products, from clothing to accessories for men and women, with two branches in the elegant Mandarin Oriental and Yalıkavak Marina Shopping center.

Macakızı Hotel Boutique

The Maçakızı Hotel's multi-brand store provides everything from Les Benjamins' modern street clothing to Chez-boho Bo's kaftans for visitors shopping at the boutique.

Vakko Home

The sunny concept shop of a well-known Turkish luxury brand sells exquisite kaftans and footwear and the newest beachwear collections from renowned designers.

Fezz of Bodrum

There's no beach look without a bit of glitz, and this boutique has plenty to offer. Turkish jewelry companies, including Tohum by Verda Alaton, Kismet by Milka, and Fezz's collection, are available for men and women to choose from.

Ocean Jewelry

If you're searching for new handmade jewelry or a makeover of an old treasure, head to Ocean Jewellery in Bodrum. Customers have come back to this place because of the helpful staff and outstanding customer service.