Latest Turkish Fashion Trends

Latest Turkish Fashion Trends

Latest Turkish Fashion Trends

Latest Turkish Fashion Trends

Like many other women in the world, Turkish women also love wearing trendy outfits and styling their looks with the latest fashion items. Thankfully, the country is pretty satisfying when it comes to the variety of clothing brands and stores.

If you’re wondering how they follow fashion trends and what kind of individual styles Turkish women reflect on the street, continue reading the article.

Modern Turkish Fashion

Turkey is an excellent example of a multidimensional and complex societal structure where conventional and modern dressing co-exists anywhere around the country. You may see people walking around in long modest dresses or sleek business attires.

Authentic and floral patterns are pretty common for Turkish women’s summer styles, including crochet details and knit wears in different colors. We can also say that Turkish women love wearing textiles in vivid colors, from poppy red to bright blue and cheering oranges. Conspicuous consumption may have a saying in these kinds of wearing rituals since the women have culturally adopted showing-off by their possessions.

Since the country has a majority of the Muslim population, modest fashion brands are on the rise by the variety of products they offer. Some of these brands even made their way internationally as they successfully increased the demand for modern modesty style.

If you visit local areas in Turkey, you may see traditional costumes like fes, salvar, and vests worn mostly by local women daily. They also create a festive look during wedding ceremonies and other celebration days.

Best Local Fashion Stores in Istanbul

Atelier 55 is a boutique located in the Beyoglu district with carrying both their designs and products of other designers. You can find funky and party-style dresses that are perfect for a summer night out.

Arzu Kaprol is a famous Turkish designer whose gowns have exquisite details and are made for special occasions. Visit her store in Kadiköy if you want to feel glamourous in beaded cocktail dresses and more.

Raisa Vanessa is a worldwide known Turkish fashion brand, mostly known for its bohemian yet provocative clothing lines perfect for festivals and open-air concerts. They have stores in most of the luxury shopping malls in Istanbul and Bodrum.