7 Istanbul Museums You Can See Online

7 Istanbul Museums You Can See Online

7 Istanbul Museums You Can See Online

Coronavirus got us locked down in our houses, craving for going out and engaging in any activity. Luckily, internet, the greatest invention of the 20th century, allows us to enjoy cultural activities at the comfort and safety of our houses. Here are some of the museums that offer an online tour for arts and culture enthusiasts.

Topkapı Palace

A scene to many colorful stories throughout its history, Topkapı Palace hosted glorious sultans, beautiful queen mothers, talented artists and so many more. Explore the magnificent gates, lush gardens, mysterious harems, and significant rooms online. Yet, if you want to see all these beauties in person, Grand Sirkeci Hotel is located a fifteen-minute walk away from the palace and awaits its guests with the extra health measures taken. 

Istanbul Toy Museum

Established by the poet Sunay Akın, Istanbul Toy Museum displays toys from across the world, whether antique or modern. It offers a fun method to learn about world cultures and history with thousands of colorful toys. The exterior is a historical mansion while the interior was designed by a stage designer. To visit the museum from Grand Sirkeci Hotel, Marmaray offers convenient 20-mins transportation.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

From the birth of Islam to the Ottoman reign, the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum presents you with all kinds of artwork, mostly of old Turkish states along with a number of Arabian ones such as the Umayyad Dynasty. 

Both the historical building the museum situated and the masterpieces displayed inside are definitely worth a visit, whether online or in person. The museum is at a 16-minute walk distance from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Rahmi Koç Museum

Located in Haliç, Rahmi Koç Museum is the first museum dedicated to industrial pieces, vehicles, and communication history. A vast collection of engineering and industrial items attracts people of all ages. It is 5.5 kilometers away from Grand Sirkeci Hotel, if you want to experience it in person. 

Panorama 1453 Museum of History

It ended an empire and lifted another reign: 1453 is a year of great historical significance. The museum invites visitors to take a stroll through the glorious history. A panoramic painting that took 3 years in the making is considered to be the heart of the museum. The 38-diameter painting consists of 10,000 figures and casts optical illusions of moving, providing a different detail every time you look at it. You can take the tramway from Grand Sirkeci Hotel and arrive at the museum in 30 minutes. 

Dolmabahçe Palace

The elegant palace leaves the visitors fascinated with its architectural details and glorious atmosphere. It is the symbol of the shift in the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century, also of great importance for the Republic’s history. It is a must-see building in Istanbul and offers 360-degree online tours. For those who want to see it physically, it takes 20 minutes from Grand Sirkeci Hotel to the palace via tramway.

Hagia-Sophia Museum

With its stunningly high dome, unique mosaics, and one-piece marble columns, this old cathedral, now a mosque architectural masterpiece leaves the visitors mesmerized. Having significance for Orthodox Christianity and Islam, Hagia-Sophia is on the top of the list of the must-see places for locals and foreigners alike. This magnificent building is only 950 meters away from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.