Importance of Istanbul in Islam

Importance of Istanbul in Islam

Importance of Istanbul in Islam

Importance of Istanbul in Islam

Bosphorus has always been one of the most important lands of the world. Especially the city called Constantinople. This is the ancient old name of a magnificent city. Cities name has been different since centuries, though. It is now called Istanbul. Crown jewel of Turkey and one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the entire world.

Stronghold Since Ancient Times

Constantinople belonged to various factions since its foundation. While the first founding of the city is not well known, it makes perfect sense to create a city in Istanbul. It sits at one of the most important trading routes, it is extremely close to drinkable water sources, and it is a fisherman’s dream coming true.

By the time Rome developed and conquered the world, Constantinople was an urban city thriving in wealth. The city was going to be the capital of Eastern Rome in the following years. Also known as Byzantium.

Battles of Religions

Byzantium was one of the most potent Orthodox countries in the world. However, like everything else, in time, it fell out of power too. When Islam was born and on the rise, Byzantium was constantly at war with this new and stranger religion. Armies of the newfound religion had tried to capture the city various times, but they failed. Constantinople was one of the most well-defended cities of the time.

It was at the times when the Prophet of Islam Hz. Muhammed was alive and leading a strong Islam army in order to defend his religion when he spoke these words: “Istanbul will definitely be conquered. What a beautiful commander who conquered it, what a beautiful army that army is.” This was a turning point for the entire Islam religion because Prophet Muhammed’s words and praises meant everything for the commanders of Islam. The city stood as the capital of the Byzantium until a young Ottoman Sultan called Mehmet the Fifth conquered the city with breathtaking strategies.

Crown Jewel of Islam

After conquering, the city took the name Istanbul and it is still called the same. By then, it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Empire was one of the strongest and most influential empires in human history. Ottomans conquered various continents, including Islamic nations. Many holly artifacts were captured and brought to Istanbul, including tools of the Holy Prophet Muhammed. For hundreds of years, Ottoman Empire was one of the strongest Islamic empires, and the capital of this empire was Istanbul.

Just like Rome and Byzantium, Ottoman Empire eventually fell out of power too. However, its influence over Islam continued. After being invaded by various countries, Turkish people revolted and saved their country. Therefore the Turkish Republic was born and the capital was Ankara. Although Istanbul was the largest and most famous city still.

Source of Islamic Values

As the capital of Ottoman Istanbul produced countless examples of Islamic Art. Mosques, writings, handcrafts, mosaics, literature, poetry… Almost all kind of value connected to Islam was created within this ancient city. Not only Islam but a rare and unique combination of different religions had created an amazing, rich, and different culture within Istanbul. This multicultural atmosphere can still be seen in modern Istanbul. Also, graves of respected Islam leaders, amazing Islamic architectures, and many other artifacts can be found within Istanbul.

Having centuries of Islamic culture within her soul Istanbul is one of the most important and breathtaking cities in the world. Muslims and people from other religions are always curious about this ancient city.

How to Explore Istanbul?

If you are looking for a way to discover this Islamic pearl as a Muslim or someone with historical curiosity, we have got you covered. Our expert guides, years of hospitality experience, and first-class services are here to help you. Grand Sirkeci Hotel is located at the beating heart of this amazing city. You can use cities own transportation services or ask us to give you private tours with comfortable vehicles. From amazing mosques like Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia to Holy Prophet’s belongings in Topkapi Museum, an amazing history of Islam and humankind awaits you.

Prepare to reach and touch the very soul of Istanbul, the precious jewel of Islam and the multicultural heritage of human history.