Guide for Health Tourism to Turkey

Guide for Health Tourism to Turkey

Guide for Health Tourism to Turkey

Turkey draws attention in every aspect as a country where traditional and modern methods are intertwined. While Turkey is dizzier of tourists with its food, it is also preferred for its success in the field of health. Turkey welcomes foreign visitors with its health centres and rehabilitation locations. Those seeking aesthetic innovation, particularly in the spring and summer, flock to the country to test out new technology treatment procedures. Affordability in the health-care industry is another crucial element to consider while deciding on Turkey.

Natural spring waters and thermal centres, which are part of the country's spatial capabilities, attract nearly 300.000 tourists each year. Furthermore, the number of persons who desire to be treated for aesthetic reasons is close to this figure. Turkey ranks seventh in the world for health tourism. We can list the reasons why it is such a preferred country as follows.

First-class quality services attract attention.

Price cuts are tempting.

Developments in the number of accredited health institutions provide confidence.

The waiting time is limited.

Infrastructure is of good quality.

Hospitality makes patients feel safe.

Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, health tourism brings cultural tourism with it.

Thermal Tourism

When it comes to health tourism, the first popular places are thermals. These healing waters, which are good for many muscle diseases and skin diseases with their hot waters, attract attention as the centres that tourists crave to visit. Although it is generally common in the Central Anatolia Region, there are thermal natural water centres in almost every region. Especially those who come to Istanbul during the summer vacation visit these thermal springs.

Aesthetic Medical Tourism

Turkey, which draws attention in the medical sense, is mostly preferred for hair transplantation, facelift and other aesthetic surgery procedures. Europe's largest aesthetic centres are located in Turkey. Especially the hair transplant and epilation centres in Istanbul are highly developed in this respect. You can plan your transactions by making a reservation in advance. The centres that provide communication in many languages provide priority services on health.

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