Green Spaces in Istanbul

Green Spaces in Istanbul

Green Spaces in Istanbul

Green Spaces in Istanbul

Even though we are in love with this city, sometimes we feel the need to draw away from the man-made atmosphere and find peace in Mother Nature. Here are 5 perfect spots in Istanbul to experience the unique nature of the city and breathe some fresh air. 

Belgrad Forest

The most beautiful shades of red welcome you in autumn, and during summer, the tall green trees leave you fascinated. A perfect getaway from the hubbub of the city while still being in close proximity –Belgrad forest hosts the city dwellers and tourists who want to escape the casual life and spend a day close to nature. You can take the 42T, 42HM, 153, or D2 busses to arrive at this stunning forest. 

Gülhane Park

Once the outer garden of the Topkapı Palace, Gülhane Park has a highly unique historical spirit that enchants the visitors. The park is nestled perfectly in the historical peninsula and has been an inspiration to the Ottoman and modern poets alike. It is named after the first rose brought by Fatih the Conqueror and roses continue to ornament the park to this day along with colorful tulips and famous walnut trees. Gülhane Park is only one kilometer away from Grand Sirkeci Hotel, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk among the historical buildings.

Yıldız Park 

Also known as ‘Yıldız Grove,’ this historical park hosts two magnificent mansions that are turned into restaurants and café. It shone during the late 16th century, and in the Tulip period, it became the entertainment center of the Çırağan Palace. One can see why clearly when visits the park –elegant ponds, colorful flowers, various trees, and a Bosphorus view captivate the beholder. It takes around 40 minutes by public transportation from Grand Sirkeci Hotel. 

Polonezköy Natural Park

This park is home to all of the plants that grow naturally in Istanbul and many animal species such as deer, wild boar, fox, squirrel, partridge, and hawk. It is the perfect spot for those who long for nature and want to get away from the hustle and bustle. You can do a picnic, camp, or hike in the park or have a meal in the restaurants while inhaling fresh air. It takes one hour and forty minutes from Grand Sirkeci Hotel -not in the most convenient location but worth a visit if you have time. 

Emirgan Grove

In April time, the whole park becomes adorned with tulips of every color, mesmerizing the visitors with the visuals and the smell. 

A magical Bosphorus view accompanies the people who come here to savor the natural atmosphere, unique trees, and three stunning mansions located within the park. If you want to experience Bosphorus, you should visit Emirgan Grove which is by the strait in Sarıyer, a one-hour drive away from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.