Gift Guide Istanbul

Gift Guide Istanbul

Gift Guide Istanbul

Gift Guide Istanbul

Istanbul is among the places that everyone wants to come and see maintaining its place in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world every year. It has an epic reputation with its incredible history, natural structures, and unique dishes. And people who want to take a gift while leaving this city are undecided about what to buy. Although the options are too many to count, we have compiled a few for you. In the Istanbul gift tour, we can examine the most permanent or most attractive gifts under four headings.

Keychains and Magnets

Indispensable for every city, of course, are key chains and fridge magnets with small miniature memories. Stone miniatures of Galata Tower or Dolmabahçe Palace made of ceramic will be the perfect choice for you. It will be easier for you to tell your loved ones about Istanbul with these gifts at more affordable prices.

Various Gift Foods

It may be difficult for you to take local food on the long road, but you can take packaged dry food. Undoubtedly, the most preferred thing is Turkish delight. You can take the Turkish delight, which conquers the hearts with its many flavors, as a gift. Moreover, you will have the fascinating taste of Istanbul with the products you will buy from Beyoğlu Chocolate.

Gorgeous Clothes

The shalwar, which is more preferred locally, is produced in a modern style for those who like to dress bohemian with its wide cut and comfortable style. You can easily find it in the Grand Bazaar or the Spice Bazaar. You can use all kinds of hijab used for religious purposes as a scarf, so don't forget to buy colorful handcrafted scarves.

Turkish Drinks

Istanbul's drinks are quite famous. First of all, don't forget to buy Turkish coffee from famous places. Bring the smell of Turkish coffee, which you will grind in the Grand Bazaar, to your hometown. You can also choose Ottoman Sherbet, made from red fruits according to seasonal conditions, as a gift. In addition, for those who prefer alcoholic beverages, raki should be the number one choice. Raki, a Turkish drink, is indispensable for tables with instruments.

Istanbul, where you can find all kinds of gifts suitable for your wishes, will have such a place in your memory that you will want to come again.