Best Turkish YouTube Channels to Subscribe

Best Turkish YouTube Channels to Subscribe

Best Turkish YouTube Channels to Subscribe

Best Turkish YouTube Channels to Subscribe

We are used to spending more time at home in these times. We have so much leisure time to spend on things to watch and have fun. YouTube is one of those platforms to spend your time on. A lot of content has started to be produced on various topics these days. Turkish Youtubers also became widely known nationally, and also worldwide. You may be wondering what Turkish Youtube looks like, or learning Turkish. We'll present you with 5 Turkish Youtube channels from 5 different topics; information, entertainment, gaming

Barış Özcan

He is the one who informs but never bores. Barış Özcan takes on 3 main topics in his channel: Art, Design, and Technology. He was one of the 12 creators for change for Youtube's #creatersforchange program. Furthermore, he worked at well-known companies such as LC Waikiki, Adobe, THY, LinkedIn, and NYMag. His storytelling is one of the best on Youtube, thus, he became one of the most successful in his own channel.

Orkun Işıtmak

Although he has one of the oldest popular youtube channels, it is still among the most-watched YouTube channels in Turkey. He started his channel for gaming videos, but now he creates content for a variety of topics. His first aim was only to have fun and entertain people. That may be why he is one of the most successful as he seems genuine.

Kamusal Mizah

With the ''amateur opportunities, professional humor'' motto, Kamusal Mizah has one of the most familiar scenes and quotes in Turkish people's brains. Even though they continue their way in the channel by posting 1 video in 3-4 months, the popularity of the videos continues to increase.

Duygu Ozaslan

Ozaslan, who started her youtube career with makeup videos, is a famous personality that can change the trends of Turkey with a single word. Despite being heavily criticized, she increased her recognition and take her place on Turkish Youtube.

Enis Kirazoglu

His storytelling is relatively the best one in the gaming industry of YouTube. He generally creates content on the trends of gaming. Enis Kirazoglu, who has been producing content on other channels for a long time, is also very popular in his own channel and is increasing his popularity day by day.