Best Snowy Day Activities to Do in İstanbul

Best Snowy Day Activities to Do in İstanbul

Best Snowy Day Activities to Do in İstanbul

Best Snowy Day Activities to Do in İstanbul

Istanbul is an eye-catching city that fascinates everyone with its beauties. Since all seasons are lived to the fullest, people generally prefer to stay at home in the cold of winter months. However, it is very nice to experience Istanbul in winter. In every corner of Istanbul, there are different historical places, cultural events, structures that blend the past with the modernist approach. If you are tempted to walk with your lover or explore the city on your own while it is snowing in winter, then you are in the right place.


Although Istanbul is a city that can be visited on foot, it is necessary to prefer more closed environments during the winter months. Museums, where you can both enjoy and experience cultural satisfaction, should be your first stop. It is hard not to be surprised to see an artistic approach to every subject in private and state museums. The Toy Museum, Pera Museum, and Chocolate Museum, which are especially preferred by tourists, will be the most interesting places to start.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, which dates back to the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is perhaps the most visited place in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar, which contains many shops and local products, will both protect you from the cold and make you feel a perfect Istanbul spirit.


We should not forget the second-hand bookstores of Istanbul. You can visit small and cute bookstores on the Asian side and the European side. Moreover, you can also drink tea and coffee in most of these bookstores. Because many places serve as book cafes and offer you a friendly atmosphere.

Culture and Art Activities

The most beautiful aspect of the metropolis is undoubtedly the value given to art and artists. Istanbul is one of those that make you feel it to your bones. It gives the city a festive atmosphere with a wide variety of musicals, theaters, and indoor concerts. There are a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy so much that you can turn the cold of winter into the sweet air of summer. Moreover, if you want to accept the winter as it is and listen to yourself by the fireplace in a wooden house, affordable winter bungalows will also be a good choice.