Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Being famous for its historical sites, places to visit, Istanbul is also famous for its luxurious restaurants. Whether it's breathtaking views or its variety of food, Istanbul's restaurants won't let you down. You can feast like an Ottoman Emperor, or you can have a decent dining experience near Bosphorus with your beloved one. We listed some of the best luxurious restaurants that you can visit in Istanbul.

Nusr-et Restaurant

Located on Besiktas, Nusr-et Restaurant is one of the most preferred restaurants in Istanbul with its special meat dishes. Nusr-et Restaurant has 400 people capacity. Thus, you can arrange your meetings at Nusr-et while eating the delicious, specially-made dishes. Nusr-et Restaurant, which hosts you with specially designed interior and exterior is one of the most known restaurants in Turkey and the world because of its owner Nusret Gökçe, also known as the Salt Bae.

St Regis Brasserie

If you are looking for French cuisine in Istanbul, you are at the right place. Located in the luxury St Regis Istanbul hotel, St Regis Brasserie attracts customers with its prepossessing designs. Besides hosting customers with decency and elegance, St Regis Brasserie addresses the gastronomic excellence approach. It has an expansive French-inspired menu with a Turkish touch. Handcrafted pasta and sandwiches with appetizers and main courses will make your day much better.

Maiden's Tower Restaurant

The Maiden's Tower is a prominent feature on Istanbul's skyline. Maiden's Tower stands at the junction of the Bosphorus, where the two continents of Asia and Europe meet. Besides being a historical site, the Tower also hosts visitors with its widely-known luxurious restaurant. Whether it is for a business meeting or just for a joyful moment, you will enjoy the restaurant with ease.


From pasta to seafood, sushi to soup, Vogue is the address of the people who want to enjoy luxury meals. Reflecting the far East, World, and Mediterranean culture perfectly, the restaurant offers various food options. Furthermore, you can try out the chefs' special dishes.


"Forward-thinking but deeply rooted and above all delicious," wrote New York Times about Mikla Restaurant. At Mikla, you can pick between a two- or three-course prix fixe a la carte menu or a five-course tasting menu. Enjoy the perfect panoramic setting of Istanbul and beyond at Mikla with its Turkish dishes with Scandinavian cooking techniques. Paired with the local wine, the menu of Mikla is very extensive.