Best Concert Halls in Istanbul

Best Concert Halls in Istanbul

Best Concert Halls in Istanbul

Best Concert Halls in Istanbul

Being a city with the largest music scene in Turkey, Istanbul is the first city that comes to mind when we speak of concerts. The vibrancy and never-ending events of Istanbul attract many people, not just locals but also foreigners. With its high capacities and quality sound systems, Istanbul's major concert halls offer enjoyable experiences. Here are some of the best concert halls in Istanbul that we compiled for you.


It's always one of your favorite artists when there is a concert in Babylon. The concert hall welcomed both local and foreign artists from MaNga to Yellowcard. Babylon is just worthy of Istanbul with its one of the best sound systems in the city. Reviving the music scene of Bomonti, Babylon is one of the best concert halls that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy the great dining restaurants near Babylon.

Dorock XL

When it's about live performance, Dorock XL has relatively the best sound system. It usually hosts local artists with reasonable prices and a 2.000 m2 usage area. Another advantage of the place is that the night entertainment continues until 4 in the morning. It deserves to be one of the most popular places in Kadıköy with its lighting, sound system, and reasonable prices.

Zorlu Center Performance Hall

Hosting world-famous musicians, Zorlu Center Performance Hall satisfies its visitors with its magnificent acoustics. With its modern designs and 2262 people capacity, Zorlu performance hall is one of the best performance centers in Turkey and worldwide. In addition to its magnificent concerts, the theater, various screenings, and events also get held in Zorlu. Since it is located in the center of the city, it is also easy to reach. If light, sound, and design are among your priorities, this place is for you.

Salon IKSV

Salon IKSV is an art center that always attracts a lot of attention with day-to-day activities. Salon IKSV hosts a wide variety of music genres, from jazz to classical music, alternative music to indie music. This art center, one of the most famous venues in Istanbul, organizes an average of 20 events every month. Furthermore, drink and food prices are moderate.

Volkswagen Arena

With a capacity of 5800 people, Volkswagen Arena offers its visitors a high-level experience with its services. The hall can sometimes turn into a basketball hall, sometimes a concert hall, and sometimes an area where electronic sports events are held. Until now, Darüşşafaka Doğuş's Euroleague matches, League of Legends tournament, Crystal Apple Festival, Fazıl Say's Nazım Oratorio, Bob Dylan, Pixies, Travis, Blondie, Jack White, Morrissey, Hozier, Imany concerts at Volkswagen Arena, Startup Istanbul, TedX conferences, Zubizu New Year's Day Shopping Days, Underwater Paradise, Ice Age Live, Fuerza Bruta show filled the hall.