Best Celebrity Homes in Turkey

Best Celebrity Homes in Turkey

Best Celebrity Homes in Turkey

Best Celebrity Homes in Turkey

Nobody can dispute that there are wonderful residences to live in Turkey, whether they overlook the Bosphorus or the Maiden's Tower! These mansions are valued billions of dollars and are largely owned by the world’s wealthiest celebrities. If you want to learn more about the homes where the faces you recognize from television live, you should read the article we wrote particularly for you.

Jennifer Lopez's House in Bosphorus

The American singer-actress chose Atasehir in Asian Istanbul as the location for her flat with a view of the Bosporus. She purchased the property in 2012 and returned last year to receive her keys. Lopez stated that she was really fascinated by the Metropol Istanbul Project and that she could see right away that it will be Istanbul's new fashion and finance center. She returned to Istanbul immediately after her performance in Sofia, certain that she wanted a flat in this Project.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

After the United States and France, the world's most renowned ex-couple Branjolina has picked Urla in Izmir as the location for their vacation home. In 2015, they spent $2.7 million on a sea view property.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Madrid's famed Portuguese footballer chose the same area as Branjolina and purchased a $3.44 million mansion near Izmir for vacation in 2015. Over 12,000 square meters of property, the mansion has seven bedrooms, three living rooms, one open and one closed swimming pool. The specific location of the property was not divulged; nevertheless, the home is said to have a view of the city.

Naomi Campbell

The famous British actress and singer Naomi Campbell has an island vacation property in Turkey's Gulf of Gokova, popularly known as Sedir, on the island of Playa De Cleopatra. Her lover gave her the property as a gift for her 41st birthday in 2011. To protect her, it was specially built by a Spanish architect in the shape of the Egyptian eye of Horus.